Prime Day's unlikely to beat this incredible Nintendo Switch deal from...Jacamo?

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Update: Stock of this Nintendo Switch bargain seems to have gone already. If you're set on picking up a Nintendo Switch deal today though, you can still get one at Amazon for £259.99, down from £279.99.

Original story follows...

It just goes to show it doesn't hurt to check beyond the usual electronics stores when tracking down a Nintendo Switch deal. Today, a store more well known for selling plus-sized clothing here in the UK, has the best ever Nintendo Switch price we've seen on these shores.

You can get the neon blue/red Nintendo Switch with the Fortnite Deep Freeze DLC pack for just £219.99, plus £3.99 postage. We've seen the occasional drop to around £250 (usually via an eBay voucher code) before but never anything this cheap.

And while we'll certainly be keeping an eye out for the best Prime Day deals next month, last year was incredibly disappointing for console deals all round. We genuinely don't see the price getting any lower than this in Amazon's summer sale bonanza.

A Prime Nintendo Switch deal, today

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch | Fortnite Deep Freeze pack | £223.98 at Jacamo
Even if you have no interest in the Fortnite DLC pack, this is an amazing price for a Nintendo Switch console. The next best deal is £259.99 at Amazon for the console on its own - a price we'd usually be raving about to be honest too given the £280 RRP has been fairly solid since launch.

Not one you fancy today, or maybe you're a US gamer? Not to worry, head on over to our cheap Nintendo Switch deals guide to stay up to date with the latest offers. And if you'd like to know a bit more about the console first, be sure to have a read of our Nintendo Switch review.

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