Front-lit Kindle to land in July but Kindle Colour unlikely

Front lit Kindle to land in July but Kindle Colour unlikely

Night owls will be pleased to hear that Amazon's next Kindle is said to be front-lit so you can do away with those pesky reading lights.

Reuter's source, who claims to have seen a prototype of the front-lit ereader, says the new Kindle will arrive in July in both Wi-Fi only and 3G versions.

July, of course, being one of the months in which the nights are shortest - how's that for timing?

Half light

What the new front-lit Kindle won't have, though, is colour – the source was quite clear on it running a monochrome E-Ink display.

Rumours broke last week (by way of the ever-patchy Digitimes) that a Kindle Colour may be hitting the shelves in the second half of 2012.

But Reuters now reports that there is "very little chance" of Amazon launching a Kindle Colour this year, although the company has apparently had talks about such a thing with E Ink so it may yet be in the works.

As for the ever-elusive Kindle Fire 2, the front-light source said it will launch in time for the Christmas shopping season this year, with an 8.9-inch screen in tow.

From Reuters