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Fitness tracker deals: how to save big on fitness trackers this holiday season

Fitness tracker
Time to get healthy with a little tech help

After you've gorged yourself on the turkey and pies, it's time to get fit! What's the best thing to get you out of bed and on the run towards a healthy heart? Fitness trackers.

Fitness trackers have been notorious for being a bit on the pricey side so take advantage of these amazing Cyber Monday sales.

We've created this handy list of the best fitness tracker deals around so you can get the jump on some post-Thanksgiving shopping without having to aimlessly push and shove too much.

Jawbone UP24 deals

The Jawbone UP24 is one of the smartest and sportiest fitness trackers you can get.

Right now, Staples is offering the latest Jawbone for only $49.99.

There are also three sizes you can choose from and right now, and Best Buy has the medium Jawbone UP24 on sale for $122. The large and small wearables are retailing for $129.

You can also get a black Jawbone UP24 from Target for $149 or a white Jawbone for $129.

White and black too boring? You can find more colors of the UP24 from Amazon for $98-$99.

Fitbit deals

There are a three types of Fitbits now, and they're all on sale. The original Fitbit Flex is going for $69 from Walmart come Friday.

Best Buy will likely have the Flex on sale as well, though right now they're all priced between $99-$149.

Target will have the Fitbit Charge for $100 - saving you about $30.

Misfit deals

The Misfit Flash and Misfit Shine are slightly less known but still remain popular fitness wearables.

Target is offering the Misfit Flash for only $25 - that's 50% off the original price! While you're at it, the Misfit Shine is $79.99 from Target - and was previously $99.

Best Buy hasn't started its Black Friday deal yet, but the Flash will also be $25 this week and the Shine $79.

If you're walking in to stores (good luck) you'll find that Walmart will also have the Misfit Flash and Shine for the prices mentioned above.

Nike FuelBand SE deals

The Nike FuelBand SE remains a popular fitness tracker and slightly cheaper than the other fitness wearables out there.

The FuelBand SE is $99 from Best Buy and comes in a variety of sizes.

For more sizing options and color choices, Amazon has the FuelBand SE for $102.00 - $378.15.

Samsung Gear Fit deals

The Samsung Gear Fit is also a neat little fitness tracker. It has the ability of your run-of-the-mill trackers but with the added bonus of a lovely curved screen.

You can pick up the Gear Fit from Target for $149.99 with free shipping.

It's also $149.99 from Best Buy with free shipping.

Walmart has it for a slightly higher price right now at $170.99.

Amazon has it listed at the lowest price yet: $126.99.