Overnight news roundup: 5-6 December

Sony could soon allow PSP owners to download games directly onto the device

Sony PSP owners could soon be able to download video games directly to their handhelds. An announcement made by Sony's PlayStation Network operations director suggests that this functionality could soon become a reality.

According to Sony's Eric Lempel, the company is considering the establishment of a service that would allow users to capitalise on the device's Wi-Fi capabilities to buy and download games directly to the PSP.

Time is a factor

"We figured we could wait and take longer to develop [an online store] just for the PSP, but we wanted to get this out sooner rather than later," Lempel told reporters. "And also if you look at ... something like an iTunes, it's kind of the same thing."

If Sony does decide to create a downloading service, it is unlikely to interfere with physical unit sales, Lempel said. Instead, the download version will be made available after UMD sales have slowed down so that retailers do not feel an effect on the bottom line. So far, there is no word on when this service will be available.

In other news...

Simplify Media, a company that has heretofore allowed you to stream music from iTunes or Winamp to any other device, has announced a new version of its software. The program will let you stream music from your iPod or iPhone anywhere that you can connect to a wireless connection.

Unfortunately, it requires a 'jailbroken' iPhone or iPod Touch in order to work, but you can access your library remotely and stream songs in a flash. The product is currently in alpha stage right now and, according to reports, is a bit buggy.

Google has launched a new web app for iPhone users that will integrate its services into a single interface, making it much easier for iPhone owners to use Google's offerings. To use the new service, users need only to surf over to Google's homepage, which recognises the mobile Safari browser and renders the application in place of the normal page.

BenQ on Wednesday announced the release of its X-series line of LCD monitors specifically designed for gamers. The displays feature two modes: an action mode, which adjusts the color and response time for typical games; and a racing mode, which adjusts the picture to maximise performance in driving simulations. According to BenQ, the new displays offer an 8ms response time and come in 19, 20 and 22-inch models. So far, there is no word on pricing or availability.