10 years of iPod: the gadget that put Apple in your pocket

1st gen iPod shuffle
Released: January 2005
Details: 512MB, 1GB, USB, battery: 12 hours audio
The first screen-less iPod. Used flash memory and came with a lanyard so you could wear it around your neck.

1st gen ipod shuffle

2nd gen iPod mini
Released: February 2005
Details: 4, 6GB, FireWire or USB, battery: 18 hours audio
Brighter colours and much longer battery life than the previous version, plus a new larger 6GB capacity.

2nd gen ipod mini

4th gen iPod colour
Released: June 2005
Details: 20, 60GB, FireWire or USB, battery: 15 hours audio, 5 hours slideshow
Essentially just a refresh of the iPod photo line, but with different hard drive sizes.

4th gen ipod colour

1st gen iPod nano
Released: September 2005
Details: 1, 2, 4GB, USB (FireWire for charging only), battery: 14 hours audio, 4 hours slideshow
Replaced the iPod mini range entirely, which caused uproar at the time. Using flash memory, the nano came in black or white only. The 1GB model was introduced later.

1st gen ipod nano

5th gen iPod
Released: October 2005
Details: 30, 60, 80GB, USB (FireWire for charging only), battery: 14 hours audio, 2 hours video (for the 30GB model), 20 audio, 3/6.5 video (for 60/80GB)
A complete redesign that also brought video playback to the iPod for the first time. In September 2006, minor updates were made: brighter screens, more memory, a search feature, but the visual look stayed the same.

5th gen ipod

2nd gen iPod nano
Released: September 2006
Details: 2, 4, 8GB, USB (FireWire for charging only), battery: 24 hours audio, 5 hours slideshow
The iPod nano got a colourful refresh. The new anodised aluminium casing came in six different colours.

2nd gen ipod nano

2nd gen iPod shuffle
Released: September 2006
Details: 1GB, 2GB, USB, battery: 12 hours audio
Completely redesigned with clip-on case. Four colour options were added later and the colours have so far been refreshed twice.

2nd gen ipod shuffle


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