HTC sets mystery event for August 19

Or it could be a spaceship

HTC sent out invites earlier today to a New York City event on August 19, leaving us to wonder what it could have it store.

The One M8 maker offered no details on what the event will be about, though a representative said in an email, "[W]e think you'll want to be there."

This may be the unveiling of a US-only product(s) as it appears HTC America is running the show, though that could just be a matter of logistics.

Doors are scheduled to open at 7am PT/10am ET/3pm GMT/12 am AEST August 20.

HTC smartwatch? New Nexus tablet? What??

Calm down, we're getting to that.

HTC has a few potential products it could show come August 19, not least among them an Android Wear smartwatch. Unofficially dubbed the One Wear, it would make sense for HTC to get into the smartwatch game as its Android compatriots/competitors are already selling Google OS-backed devices.

We even caught glimpse of a possible design in a recent HTC-produced video. The company did warn us not to look too deeply into that video - they were just playing, guys - but of course, that could have been a ploy to throw us off the scent, too.

Another possibility is the Nexus 8, a device that's had HTC's name attached to it in several rumors. Google IO came and went with no new Nexus, so the time seems ripe for a tab-tastic reveal.

Finally, HTC may be readying a smartphone, one that's a US exclusive, or not. Last we heard the company was tinkering with a HTC M8 for Windows, so its quiver is full of rumored products.

We'll just have to wait until August 19 to see which one it decides to unleash.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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