Has Apple confirmed the iWatch name yet again?

Has Apple just confirmed the iWatch again?
We think our iWatch concept is pretty snazzy

Update: It seems the iWatch "world tour" is only just getting started.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple filed to trademark the iWatch name in Mexico on June 3. Submitted to the country's Institute of Industrial Property, Cupertino took a two-category approach to the iWatch title, filing it under hardware and software related to mobile devices.

1 Infinite Loop - Apple's U.S. HQ - is listed as the address, while the submitter is the head of the trademark department at a law firm that looks to have filed trademarks for other Apple products, including the iPad.

There's not much other than "iWatch" to go by, but it seems we're in for an globetrotting effort by Apple to lock down naming rights to its wearable tech. Happy travels.

Original article...

Apple is trying to land a trademark for the iWatch in Japan, having allegedly filed a patent for the wrist-worn device.

The application was made on June 3, and while a few other companies have applied for the same trademark it looks like this one's legit, coming from Apple Inc. of Cupertino itself.

According to Bloomberg the filing categorises the product as both a watch device and handheld computer.

Back in February we heard that 100 product designers are working on the smartwatch, which will perform several tasks currently performed by the iPhone and iPad.

Wrist wrapper

This isn't the first we've heard of Apple securing the iWatch name – according to reports, it recently filed the same trademark in Russia.

Last week saw the launch of the Sony Smartwatch 2, which is attempting to get ahead in the wrist race, and offers water resistance and NFC. Apple supplier Foxconn also announced it was putting its dog in the smartwatch race.

Samsung and Google are believed to be developing their own wrist-wrapping devices too, though which of the big three will get in there first is anyone's guess. But with Sony now out the door, we don't expect it will be long until the others follow.

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