Google believes voice recognition is the way forward, not screens

Google believes voice recognition is the way forward not screens

It's no secret that Google sees a bright future for voice recognition as it continues to expand the technology across devices.

Speaking to The Guardian, Scott Huffman, senior engineering director at Google, made it clear that Google sees voice as playing one of the biggest roles in this crazy new age of wearable tech - possibly more so than screens and keyboards.

"We have a super computer in our pockets, but also one in our watch, one in our glasses, maybe on our label as well as our laptop," said Huffman.

"Some of those have a screen and a keyboard but some won't, and we're seeing dramatic growth in the numbers of people interacting through voice recognition."

However, in light of the NSA surveillance ordeal, Huffman added that Google's standard of encryption will also be found in its voice tech.

Talking point

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster recently tested Google Now and Apple's Siri by putting 800 questions to each assistant, finding that Google Now had made the most significant improvement since last year – though both now stand at a C+ rating on the Munster scale.

With Google Glass preparing to roll out into the mainstream and a possible Google smartwatch on the horizon, a reliance on voice recognition means that the tech is going to have to be up to scratch.

"We're still working on the recognition of accents, and there are a litany of problems. But when it works, it is magic," added Huffman.

Even if he does say so himself.