GoPro shrinks into the Hero3+

GoPro Hero3+
An even smaller camera!

A refresh for the GoPro Black and Silver Edition action cams, the GoPro3+ is smaller and lighter than its older sibling the Hero3, with a redesigned lens and longer battery life.

The Black Edition touts faster Wi-Fi transfers, with the help of the GoPro app, and an automatic low-light mode to adjust the frame rate as necessary, all in a smaller body that is 20% smaller than the Hero3.

The Silver Edition is 15% smaller and lighter than its Hero3 equivalent, with 30% more battery life as well. And like the Black Edition, it now also offers 1080/60p and 720/120p video.

Both the Black and Silver Editions will be available through GoPro's website, priced at $399.99 (£359.99, AUD$529) and $299.99 (£279.99, AUD$429), respectively.


With the Hero3+ refresh, GoPro's mount ecosystem has received a boost with three new clamps and harnesses.

The Jaws is a flexible clamp that can be attached to a number of different surfaces and objects and is backwards compatible with older GoPro cameras.

The Junior Chesty is simply a smaller version of the chest harness, designed specifically for children and the head strap and quick clip can be used to mount the GoPro on hats, belts or right on the head.

One of the main advantages over competition for GoPro has been the sheer number of accessories, most of them backwards compatible.

"If it's at a low price point, you've got to look at what the quality is, the design of it, the number of accessories. That's really something that has differentiated us from other competitors over the years," Rick Loughery, GoPro's global director of communications, has told us previously.