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Adobe unveils new 'unblur' technology

New sharpening feature from Adobe may appear in future versions of Photoshop

Adobe has revealed new technology at the company's MAX 2011 event that can analyse and sharpen blurred images using complex algorithms that work out the trajectory of the camera when the shot was taken.

Removing the blur from a photo using 'unblur' is a simple process. The user clicks the Analyse button and waits while the software outputs what Adobe calls the 'blur kernel', a greyscale image that shows how the image was blurred. This computation involves the use of a 'point spread function', which recreates the motion trajectory of the camera while the shutter was open. The user then clicks Restore sharp image, and the photo is instantly sharpened.

The demonstration was met with gasps and whoops of delight from the watching crowd, who witnessed unusable shots transformed in seconds.

The software was described as an early prototype, but it was hinted that it would be appearing in a future version of Photoshop.