10 reasons I'm buying into HTC Re, the live-in-the-moment portable camera

6. Slow-motion video

There's also slow-motion video onboard, which takes the normal 1080p 30fps video down to 720p and 4x slow motion.

Okay, we have more than enough smartphone apps that can film at higher rates and play them back at a normal and, therefore, slower speed.

What makes HTC Re different is that it can do this with that dedicated slow motion button in the arm of the device. It's just a little easier to have a physical button.

7. Waterproof

Proving to be a go anywhere, do anything life capturing tool, HTC Re is waterproof right out of the box. No case required, boasts HTC on its official website, a knock on the GoPro 3 that requires protective housing.

HTC RE camera features waterproof

It works underwater

It's IP57 water resistant rating makes it fine for underwater photos and video one meter down for 30 minutes. Samsung Galaxy S5 boast those same pool-appropriate waterproof specs.

An HTC Re protection pack accessory goes a depth further with a waterproof-enhancing lens cap that makes the whole thing IP58.

8. Android and iOS compatible

HTC Re represents another post-PC gadget that doesn't require a computer, according to the company.

Not only that, it's compatible with both iOS 8 and iOS 7 as well as HTC fans' native Android 4.3 and Android 4.4 devices.

HTC One features iPhone compatible

Yes, it works with iPhone, much to this dogs chagrin

This goes along with the fact that HTC Zoe, it's photo-focused social app, is coming to Apple smartphones and tablets.

Google Glass maps and messaging features are limited on the iPhone and Android Wear is altogether incompatible. It's nice to see that switching back and forth between my iPhone 6 and Moto X won't get me burned or bendgated out of shape.

9. Remote control recording

Ten rows back at a recital? Want a different angle while you simultaneously shoot with a smartphone? Not a problem here.

HTC Re comes through with a remote control recording option. Just open up the app and snap photos or start recording videos from afar.

HTC Re camera

Take front-row video from the last seat in the house

It's less of a pain to set up that group selfie shot, letting you actually get in the photo for once.

10. Updates and open SDK

HTC has promised that more is in store for its camera-on-a-stick thanks to upgrades for both the Re hardware and software.

Part of the plan is to open up the camera software API and SDK to developers for apps outside of its own.

Another idea in motion is a partnership with Google to enable real-time live broadcasting from the HTC Re via YouTube.

HTC RE Camera features

Dun-Dun, Dun-Dun, Dun-Dun. It's coming. This year.


"Get out from behind the lens" is the HTC Re pitch that appeals to me the most.

I'm often the tech guy trusted to take photos and video, but I'm often missing those in-real-life moments. It also means I'm out of the frame unless it's an awkward group selfie.

HTC Re features some tricks that better let you take in experiences and capture them at the same time. It might even inspire us to seek new adventures.

The question is: is that worth $200? We'll have to judge that with more IRL testing.

Matt Swider