GoPro's entry level action cam adds Wi-Fi

GoPro Hero+

The GoPro Hero was an instant success when it was launched at the end of 2014, with a price point that made it the first affordable action camera from the action cam market's leading brand. In terms of physical size and the quality of its full HD video, there is little to separate the base Hero model from the higher-priced Black and Silver editions. The Hero might have been a stripped down GoPro, but it offered everything that the average user could want, including the ability to capture great looking footage anywhere.

Over the year since the Hero's launch it has been joined by the Hero+ LCD with a 150% price increase over the standard Hero. This model added a screen and Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling users to compose and quickly share footage with friends. These features brought the model closer to the GoPro Silver Edition, but at a considerably lower price.

And now, joining the Hero line-up is the Hero+. It sits between the other two Hero models, losing the LCD screen but keeping the Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can control, view and share your footage directly on an Android or iOS device with the GoPro App installed.

GoPro Hero+

You don't get a screen with the Hero+ but you do get Wi-Fi, so you can hook it up with your smart device.

As with previous Hero versions this camera will offer full HD video at 60, 50, 30 and 25fps, as well as lower resolutions. You'll also get 8Mp stills, burst and time-lapse modes – all the essentials, basically, if you just want to get out and start filming some action.

The Hero+ is a great addition to the range because as you gain more experience with an action cam the Wi-Fi connectivity quickly becomes an essential feature.

The Hero+ will be available soon and will be priced at £169/US$199.

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