Flip announces new 60fps HD video cameras

Flip launches new range of HD video cameras this month
Flip launches new range of HD video cameras this month

Flip has announced a new range of HD video cameras, with the new Flip MinoHD and UltraHD offering budding movie makers and home video enthusiasts improved features and better-quality HD video.

The new Flip MinoHD and UltraHD cameras still offer 720p video, just as their predecessors did, but also offer a number of improvements. Namely, you are now able to shoot image-stabilised video at 60 frames per second (fps).

Flip has launched four new cameras— the 8GB and 4GB UltraHDs ($199 and $149 in the US, UK pricing to follow shortly) and 8GB and 4GB MinoHDs ($229 and $179 in the US, UK pricing soon).

Flip UltraHD, MinoHD

"Cisco's Flip Video, the world's leader in shoot-and share video cameras, today rolled out an exciting all-new line up of affordable UltraHD and MinoHD video cameras with a host of compelling features: signature Flip Video simplicity; innovative enhanced HD video quality with always-on image stabilisation, expanded product personalisation options; and more ways to share video using pre-loaded FlipShare software," reads the US press release.

"Flip also announced today Designed for Flip, a new program offering fun accessories from a wide range of partners that include everything from wide angle lenses and external microphones to battery chargers and a portable projector."

Other than the cheapest 4GB Ultra HD, all the other new Flip models have new sensors that shoot 720p video at 60fps with image stabilisation. Which basically means no more 'shaky-cam' footage of your hols or your favourite festivals and gigs and the like.

Faster, more stable

In addition to faster, more stable footage, the other main new feature found on the new Flip UltraHDs is the FlipPort, which lets you attach various proprietary Flip accessories, which we expect to hear more about in the next few months.

We expect to see new accessories such as external mics, lapel mics, battery-boosting packs, projector add-ons, waterproof cases, wide-angle lenses and more soon. Stay tuned for more details on those as and when we get them.

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Adam Hartley