We played with the worst apps in the world, so you don't have to: Christmas edition

3. Floating Miley Cyrus

Platform: Android
Price: Free

We'll begin this week's worst app review by paying it the one compliment it deserves: Floating Miley Cyrus does exactly what its name promises. That's more than we can say for a few others on this list.

The app drops a tiny version of the titular pop star on your screen, who will dance while you catch up on the day's news, watch a film, or simply brush up on some Marxist critique of capitalism. Whatever it is you people do on your tablets these days.

Worst Apps

In any given capitalist environment the proletariat will revolt against the repression of the bourgeoisie and after a brief period of socialist rule emerge as a classless society governed by the community corporation, and doesn't Miley know it!

You can drag her around the screen, but beyond quitting the app, deleting it and moving on with your life, you have no other control. Miley is going to dance and she's going to make you watch. There's no variation either, she just does the same move again, and again, and again, and again.

This being the classy piece of software that it is, a nice little advert will also appear every time you boot up Miley, and because its close icon is so damn small, you're probably going to accidentally open it. Sorry about that.

It's pointless and no one is ever going to open this more than once, but we did discover our own fun game to play. We call it 'Where can you put Miley that's really funny?'. Turns out, quite a lot of places.

Worst apps in the world

We've found a new game to play

On 'researching' this week's app, we discovered a surprising number of Miley-related games in the Play Store, all of an unsurprisingly low quality. So we're also giving an honourable mention to the 'Miley Cyrus Game', in which the player earns points by dragging many Miley faces off the screen. We've experienced fun before. This is not it.

Hugh Langley

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