Orange announces free Twitter updates

Orange and Twitter in a tree...
Orange and Twitter in a tree...

Orange has announced that it has linked up with Twitter to allow users to receive free SMS updates from the micro-blogging service, alerting you to what's going on with your Twitter account.

It's been over a year since Twitter abandoned free SMS updates in the UK, citing cost as the main issue. But since then, mobile phone companies have warmed to the idea, with Vodafone announcing back in March that it would be bringing the service back in the UK.

Eight months later, Orange has followed suit with the announcement it is to allow free SMS updates.

While updates are free, updating your feed is not. This will come at the cost of an average SMS message. There's now also the ability to add MMS (picture) messages to your Twitter feed which will cost 30p a go.

People Projects

This new Twitter love-in comes just in time for Orange to announce another social-networking link-up - People Projects.

This is a new Facebook application that lets people communicate with their social network and create groups online that want to support, or be part of community projects.

If you want to find out how you can be more social, courtesy of Orange, then point your browser to or go to for more information.

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