Where you can get the HTC One Max

HTC One Max
Phoneus maximus

The widely expected HTC One Max was made official today, complete with a full HD 5.9-inch screen and questionably placed fingerprint scanner.

The device sports a disappointing Snapdragon 600 chip but starts to make up for it with 2GB of RAM, 3300mAh battery (non-removable), Android 4.3 and the latest Sense 5.5 overlay.

Only two U.S. carriers have so far signed on for the device, and in HTC's words the phablet will be available "this holiday season."

As for pricing, that's even more of a mystery, but expect to pay top dollar for this meaty machine. Read on for more on where you can pick up the HTC One Max, info we'll keep updating as more details become available.

Verizon: Big Red may have been slow on the uptake with the HTC One, but it won't be caught sleeping when it comes to the Max. HTC said customers can expect its new phablet to hit Verizon when the phone launches.

Update: @VZWnews piped up with a tweet on Oct. 15 that the HTC One Max will land on its 4G LTE network "this holiday season."

Sprint: The nation's No. 3 issued a statement noting it will offer the HTC One Max "later this year." A spokeswoman had no pricing or availability info to share "quite yet." What we do know is that Sprint never misses the chance to talk about its unlimited data plans, and today was no different:

"Sprint customers will have the peace of mind of not having to worry about data caps or overage charges," David Owens, head of product at Sprint, said in the statement. Peace of mind for a phone with an unknown release date - priceless.

The other guys: So far the word from AT&T and T-Mobile is that there is no word.

"T-Mobile does not have anything to share," said a spokeswoman for the Un-carrier.

"Re: Max, nothing to share at this time," echoed an AT&T representative. The "at this time" line gives us hope we could see the device land on Ma Bell at some point, though for now mum's the word.

We've reached out to large regional carrier US Cellular and will update this story if it has anything to share.

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