Talking and texting forever is basically possible with Sprint's new plans

I wish that I could talk/text/browse for life. For life.

T-Mobile isn't the only carrier that gets to have all the plan reshuffling fun.

Sprint has confirmed the new service offerings first leaked yesterday, introducing what it promises is unlimited talk, text and data for the entire life of a line of service, forever and ever and ever.

The caveat is that customers have to sign up for a new Unlimited, My Way or My All-in plan, which both kick off Friday.

Unlimited, My Way lets customers mix smartphones with basic phones, with talk and text plans starting at $50/month for the first phone and $10 off each subsequent device ($40/month for phone No. 2, $30/month for phone No. 3, etc.).

They can choose how many lines they want up to 10, and select what kind of data they want for each type line (it's $30/month for smartphones and $10/month for basic).

Double down

Customers can opt for 1GB of data at $20 per month for smartphones or no data at all on basic phones, which levies no charge. The overall idea is really geared towards families as the savings accrue the more lines are added, Sprint explained.

With the My All-in plan, Sprinters can grab unlimited talk, text and data plus 5GB mobile hotspot usage for $110 a month, though the carrier's "Unlimited Guarantee" doesn't apply to capped data use options.

New and existing customers are eligible for the new plans, and those already under contract won't see their contract extended.

Those who do sign up for the new plans should see savings: The Unlimited plan runs at $109.99 per month per line, with $49.99/month tacked on for 6GB hotspot.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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