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This is Kodak's Android smartphone

Kodak IM5
Smile for the phone

Kodak unveiled its first Android smartphone at CES 2015, as advertised, but the end result is hardly show stealing.

Dubbed the IM5,the 5-inch phone was built by Bullitt, the company behind the rugged Caterpillar line. It runs Android KitKat, though Lollipop is on the way, and its other specs are pretty run of the mill. There's an octa-core 1.7 processor and so-so storage, though it is expandable up to 32GB thanks to microSD.

Even the camera, which you might expect to be the phone's best feature, is a not-unheard of 13MP. The front is also average with 5MP.

The IM5 does include some camera-ready software, such as an image management software that lets users edit, display, share and print their photos, tools accessible through a single button click.

The good news with the IM5 is that there is more to come, so perhaps this is a stepping stone for more noteworthy Kodak mobile products down the road. It's also fairly affordable at $249 (about £164, AU$308). Look for it globally with initial availability in Europe at the end of the first quarter.