The iPhone 7 could come with a huge amount of storage

iPhone 6S

Storage capacity is one way in which Android handsets tend to have an advantage over Apple's phones, as while the built-in amount varies, many Android phones also have a microSD card slot, which no iPhone has.

That's not going to change with the iPhone 7, but you might be able to get far more built-in storage than the iPhone 6S, which tops out at 128GB. In fact, the iPhone 7 might offer double that, with 256GB potentially being the maximum available capacity.

That's a rumor we've heard before, but it's now been backed up by a leaked order assembly sheet, which lists 32GB, 128GB and 256GB as the storage capacities for the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 assembly sheet

Doubling up

If accurate that would mean all size points are doubling up in storage, with Apple finally ditching the base 16GB size in favor of 32GB.

That too is something we've heard before, but there's still not a huge amount of evidence for it, as this assembly sheet could easily have been faked, and in any case there's no obvious mention of Apple on it, so the sheet could be referring to a different phone.

It was leaked by Twitter tipster @the_malignant however, who while not quite in the same league as @evleaks is fairly reputable, so there's some hope that it will turn out to be true. We certainly hope so, as all of our cat memes have got to be stored somewhere.

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