T-Mobile timeline outs HTC Windows Phone 8X for November

Windows Phone 8 to be available this November

A screenshot snagged by TmoNews on Friday has confirmed the release date for a number of T-Mobile phones coming this year, including the HTC Windows Phone 8X.

Along with the yet unannounced street date of November 14 for the HTC 8X (and hence, Windows Phone 8), the T-Mobile roadmap points to Halloween day for the LG Optimus L9 release and November 7 for the release of the "Samsung Toba".

The chart seems to be suspiciously missing the Samsung Galaxy Note II, so it's possible that Toba is just a code name for that. However, without any confirmation from Samsung, Toba could just as easily be a new tablet or phablet, as the market seems to be going.

Mobile Microsoft

As Microsoft mobilizes for its press event on October 29 - sure to be the time for the final WIndows Phone 8 unveil along with release dates and pricing - it looks like the software giant has some decent OEM support.

Microsoft's foray into mobile operating systems has not met with as ubiquitous dominance as its PC play, but the company hopes to change that image in the final months of 2012, and especially into 2013.

The nearing release of WIndows Phone 8 devices like the HTC 8X only seems to cement the now-hardware manufacturer's strategy for catching up in the mobile computing space.

Apple set the trend for the household suite of devices with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and Microsoft looks to be getting in on that action with its PCs, the Surface, and now Windows Phone 8.

T-Mobile may not be the biggest carrier, but this leak shows that it's hoping to get in on the ground floor with Microsoft for what both are betting will be strong mobile moves.

Via wpcentral, TmoNews