T-Mobile confirms HTC One for April 24

HTC One T-Mobile release date updated
T-Mobile won't be left out

The HTC One release date for T-Mobile is April 24, the company confirmed today via an official social media account.

"T-Mobile announced it will be launching the HTC One (LTE) April 24," said the fourth-place U.S. carrier on Twitter today.

This means that the full-metal Android smartphone will come out five days after it releases for contract-based carriers AT&T and Sprint.

So far, Verizon is the only major U.S. carrier that has yet to announce plans to sell the 4.7-inch phone, though rumors have insisted an HTC One from Verizon will come out eventually.

Good news, bad news

The HTC One will soon be available from T-Mobile for a $99 down payment and $20 equal payments for 24 months based on its new "Un-carrier" pricing.

The bad news is that the carrier has stopped taking pre-orders, according to a follow-up tweet from the company's Twitter account.

"It is no longer available for pre-order, you can sign up now and we'll remind you when it's here," said @TMobileHelp.

T-Mobile also mentioned that the HTC One should be available in stores as well as online, so an in-person pick-up on April 24 seems like a possibility even if it's not available online.

There's also the option of buying the HTC One at Best Buy, which is selling the T-Mobile version of the phone on contract for $249.99 to those unafraid of two-year commitments.

Matt Swider