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Smart Bluetooth kit for car and office

The Iogear GBHFK201W6 Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone can be used in-car, in your home or in your office

Iogear has released a smart-looking Bluetooth handsfree speakerphone for vehicles that can also be used in the home or office.

The Iogear GBHFK201W6 Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone is a small device that doesn't require wired car installation. It can work with almost any Bluetooth mobile phone, or VoIP-enabled PC or laptop, that has Bluetooth connectivity. It can make or take calls in the car with your phone in your pocket, with no need for an additional headset

You can clip the Iogear GBHFK201W6 speakerphone onto a car visor or sit it in your office for handsfree chatting. It uses noise cancellation, digital echo cancellation and background noise reduction technology. The Iogear GBHFK201W6 boasts talktime of up to 8 hours or standby of 150 hours, although it also comes with an in-car charger.