Samsung's new TouchWiz UI leaks as a prettier Google Now

Samsung's new TouchWiz UI leaks with prettier Google Now
Google Now, but nicer

It's that time of year where Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors are flying in thick and fast, and further leaks point towards a new user interface (UI) and "multi-hovering" controls.

First up is a screen leak from @evleaks - a usually reliable source of mobile slips - revealing a potentially revamped homescreen with large, Windows Phone-esque tiles with information you'd commonly find in the Google Now.

This isn't the first time we've seen screens along this theme, with the same Twitter leaker revealing some similar shots earlier this year.

It also resembles the design of the Magazine UI found on the new Galaxy Tab Pro tablets - although function appears to be different for the smartphone version.

Samsung TouchWiz UI - LEAK

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be the next flagship device to make its way out of the South Korean firm, and this new TouchWiz UI is tipped to feature on the handset.

Touch is so last year

That's not the only Samsung/Galaxy S5 related leak we have for your though, oh no, there's word from ETNews that the smartphone will take its Air View to the next level with multi-hovering.

A Samsung insider for the Korean publication claims the Galaxy S5 will off enhanced touch-free gestures, allowing users to hover not one, but two fingers above the screen to perform various tasks, with the system also boasting greater accuracy.

We weren't overly impressed with the Air View on the Galaxy S4, so unless Samsung has totally reinvented the system we're not getting particularly excited about this potential feature.

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