Samsung Pixon 12 available for pre-order

Samsung Pixon 12 available for pre-order

Samsung's flagship camera phone, the Pixon 12, has popped up for pre-order over at Phones4U, with the new phone coming 1 August in the UK.

The world's first 12MP phone is an evolution of the first Pixon, with similar dimensions and specs.

However, Samsung has is once again flying the OLED flag with a 3.1-inch touchscreen as well as a whole host of photography enhancing options, such as Smile and Blink shot.


The bad news - even at an 18-month contract the phone will still cost £40 per month (although you do get more minutes and texts than you'll know what to do with).

But if you're after top notch cameraphones with geo-tagging and Xvid / DivX support, we guess you'll have to be willing to creak open the wallet.

Phones4U via OLED-info