Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 suffering from Ice Cream headache

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 range suffering from an Ice Cream headache
Tab not so clear

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has been delayed in the UK, with the tablet now facing a late April release date.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 was meant to come to the UK in March but while the tablet-buying world waited with bated breath – actually, most of the world was too busy checking out the new iPad – this date came and went with no new Tab 2.

Samsung has finally admitted that the tablet is delayed but only slightly. Speaking to ComputerWorld, it explained that the reason for the delay was to do with Ice Cream Sandwich. Yes, the same Android OS which has yet to come to many Samsung phones.

Although Samsung did not elaborate on the delay, it seem that ICS still needs some tweaking and the technology giant needs more time to get it right.

Ice Cream Sandwich is the operating system which is meant to marry the phone and tablet world but it's not been a great launch for Google, with myriad delays and setbacks.

Galaxy still far, far away

Samsung is hoping that it will be able to hit its latest launch timeframe though – with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 UK release date now being late April.

TechRadar played with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 at the company's European forum. There's set to be two versions of the tablet coming to market – a 7-inch and 10.1-inch, with specs being similar on both.

The specs include a 1GHz processor, two cameras and 32GB internal storage – all of which is talked about in our Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 review.

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