Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom set for July 8 in the UK?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom UK release date set for July 8?
It's hardly the belle of the ball

If you're one of those folks who just can't decide whether you want a Galaxy S4 smartphone or a moderately acceptable compact camera, then your answer could arrive in the UK on July 8th.

Independent online retailer Clove has listed the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom for pre-order, pledging it'll be shipped a week on Monday.

The smartphone-glued-to-camera, which packs everything Android Jelly Bean can offer with a 10x optical zoom, has been priced at £440 by Clove.

So far there's been no official word of price and release date from Samsung, so all of this is still subject to change, but it's the best indication we have so far.

Knocking Nokia

For those hell-bent on condensing their photo-taking and call-making experiences into one package, a July 8 release date would be somewhat significant.

A couple of days later in New York City on July 11, Nokia will likely unveil its long-rumoured, often leaked EOS (or, as a leak this week suggested, Lumia 1020) handset.

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That device is almost certain to pack the Finnish firm's Pureview, 41-megapixel camera sensor. It'll be the first Windows Phone device to do so.

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