Next Android update outed as 'Froyo'

We swear the Google Android android is getting fatter with each update

Google has revealed the name of its next Android update and keeping with the food-based theme it's decided to call it Froyo – a portmanteau of frozen yoghurt.

Speaking on the Engadget Show, Android Senior Product Manager Erick Tseng announced in the interview that Froyo would be the name of the next update, although he was reticent to reveal anything else.

Sweet success

Google's Android developers have developed something of a sweet tooth while creating new updates to the mobile OS.

First up was Cupcake (1.5), then Donut (1.6) and then Éclair (2.1). Froyo is for the upcoming firmware update but we don't yet know what number has been assigned to it.

Considering the way things are going with Google choosing its favourite sweet things in alphabetical order, we are hedging out bets for Gateaux to be the next firmware update.

Then again, knowing Google it'll probably invent its own G-cake before then.

Expect the update to hit sometime in May.

Via Phones Review