New Pixel, Pixel XL renders leak out on the web

Google Pixel render
A Google Pixel render.

Above: the Pixel; below: the Pixel XL.

If you're eagerly waiting to see what Google has in store for us on 4 October then these leaked renders might tide you over until then - they come from a parts dealer in Hong Kong, apparently, via German site WinFuture.

There's not all that much revealed in these snaps, except for a very thin-looking bezel that looks promising from a design perspective, but it's another glimpse of both the Pixel (codename Sailfish) and the Pixel XL (codename Marlin).

The same source says the smaller phone will come rocking a 4.99-inch screen, while the display on the larger handset is going to measure 5.46 inches. That's just about in line with previous rumours we've heard regarding the size of these phones.

Pixel perfect

Pixel XL

It's been a busy summer for the rumour mill, and there's already a lot we think we know about the phones that are going to reboot the Nexus line: they're tipped to be the first devices with the brand name Snapdragon 821 processor, for instance.

Both models are tipped to come with two-tone backs, based on the pictures we've seen so far, and they're going to have the standard fingerprint scanners around the back too.

As for the cameras, 12MP (rear) and 8MP (front) have been rumoured, though for the time being all of this is unofficial and unconfirmed. As soon as Google has something to share about these devices, said to be built by HTC, we'll let you know.

Speaking of Android phones, what about that Sony Xperia XZ?

Via PhoneArena

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