New Moto G set to be first low-cost smartphone you can customise

Moto G
Moto G

Motorola has an event set for July 28 but is yet to officially reveal what it will show to the world. The rumours all point toward a new Moto G and Moto X combination, and fresh details today appear to confirm the former will be compatible with the firm's Moto Maker.

Moto Maker is a website which helps you customise the Moto X handset and Moto 360 smartwatch, but thanks to a leak from Reddit the Moto G looks set to join in the fun.

Front housing options are restricted to black or white while rear housing is available in cherry, cabernet, blue, raspberry, turquoise, black, gold yellow, white, lime and navy.

Pimp my phone

On top of that, the leak claims you'll be able to customise the accents in metallic versions of light chrome, blue, red, lemon lime, dark chrome, champagne, black, orange, violet and pink.

Moto Maker

There are also FlipShells for $19.99 each in black, red, raspberry, blue and turquoise.

When the site launches you'lll be able to pick your choices with a live 3D image showing off all the latest changes so you'll know exactly how it looks.

The source isn't confirmed but the material looks to be official. We'll have to wait until Tuesday next week before we can confirm it's definitely on the cards though.

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