New iPhone dock connector caught on camera

iPhone 5 dock
Are we looking at the next iPhone's dock connector?

Parts and pieces of the sixth-generation iPhone - commonly referred to as the iPhone 5 - can't seem to keep from getting leaked.

The latest bits to make their way online are reportedly of the smartphone's dock connector.

Speculation mounted as to how many pins this port would have, and while it's largely assumed it won't have a 30-pin port as all Apple's iOS devices now do, the number has fluctuated.

First, reports seemed to say we'd see a 19-pin port while later it was dropped down to eight. TechRadar reported Thursday that sum grew by one, but Friday it looks as though we will in fact be seeing an eight-pin port come September 12.

Say cheese!

Photos dug up in France show a possible two-sided connector, meaning pins will be on either side - not just one as found in previous connectors.

The two thin slips on the right of the photo are the "male end" of the part that goes into the iPhone.

Rumor also has it that there will be at least one official converter plug so legacy accessories can still be used after the iPhone 5's release.

The iPhone 5 may not be the only device getting a pin slimming as sources have reported all new Apple devices - like the iPad Mini and other iOS 6 devices - will sport a smaller port.

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