One-up: this iPhone 7 game controller ingeniously adds a headphone jack

One of the best iPhone and iPad game controllers just got a Super Mushroom-sized upgraded and clever way to add that missing iPhone 7 headphone jack.

Gamevice is the only Apple MFi, Lightning-connected controller for iOS, and it now features redesigned thumbsticks and new buttons for on-the-go, console-level gameplay controls.

That’s become increasingly important, as many of the best iPhone games have become full-fledged 3D experiences. Not everything is as simple as a Super Mario Run auto-run iOS 10 game.

The new Gamevice is lighter, doesn’t require independent battery power and adds a Lightning input – you can charge your phone or tablet even while this gaming accessory is hugging it.

Best of all, the Gamevice 2nd generation controller isn’t supposed to draw any more power from your device than normal headphones do, according to the company reps. FIFA 17 marathon, confirmed.

Gamevice price and release date

Gamevice isn’t one-size-fits-all (which is actually a good thing). But the price is the same for all of four different form-fitting controllers tailored toward Apple fans.



It costs $99.95 (about £80, AU$132) for phone-based controller that works with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It also fits the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

That price is mirrored for the iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 2 and iPad Air version, as well as the smaller iPad mini series and larger iPad Pro 12.9. It’s just a matter of deciding which you game on more. 

No, this doesn’t quite meet the hype level of the Nintendo Switch. But Gamevice has way more games available (even Mario). 

Plus, it's available a lot sooner: starting today for the iPad versions and January 31 for the iPhone edition.

Matt Swider