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O2: 'not worried about unlocked iPhone'

O2 says it is not too worried about people going elsewhere for unlocked Apple iPhones, following Apple's decision to sell the device unlocked in France

O2 says it is not worried about people popping over to France to get an unlocked Apple iPhone, thus avoiding signing up to a lengthy O2 contract.

"We've matched the Apple iPhone with a great service package, so why would you not want to be with O2?" a senior O2 employee told this morning.

Free Wi-Fi

"You'll get free Wi-Fi from 7,500 The Cloud hotspots all over the country, free data plans as part of your tariff, and specially trained staff in case you have any questions about your Apple iPhone."

The O2 insider said that until the price of the unlocked iPhone is known - and let's face it, it is likely to cost a considerable amount - it will be hard to say what impact it might have on Apple iPhone sales in the UK.

"As for unlocking the Apple iPhone in general, you should consider the risks you'll be taking before making any changes to the software. You'll risk bricking the device, making it effectively useless, and you'll also risk breaking your warranty," the O2 employee said.