MWC 2014 was a nightmare... but I can't wait to go back

MWC showfloor
MWC showfloor

MWC 2014 was the first major press conference I went to as a phone journalist, and despite being consistently over caffeinated and under pressure every second, I couldn't get enough.

I don't know why. It could, and should, have been a disaster. I made the rookie mistake of going to the conference severely over prepared, thinking I had to trek through every square centimetre to uncover the 'true' story.

I had a full schedule of meetings with everybody you've never heard of (for a reason), knew exactly where I had to be at each moment of the day and, most importantly, had a bucket full of energy to throw all over the conference floor.

In less than half an hour after the start, every plan had gone out the window.

By 12PM on Day One I'd decided to wing the entire event, crumbling amid the cacophony of shouting journalists and desperate press conference presenters.

When the Spanish sun started to set, I worked out I had done a 16-hour stint - most of it is spent in a conference hall resembling an airport terminal - but with a far worse Wi-Fi connection - and queues for food much like that video footage of Black Friday.

The strangest thing, though? I can't wait to do it all over again.

Mobile World Con-stress

Speaking to some other technology journalists I've noticed a lot of apathy toward MWC, with most associating it with the stress of the big announcements and hating the event as a whole. I even overheard a fellow journalist recently referring to the whole event as the "airport of hell".

And in a way they're right. The main elements in Barcelona during this event are stress, sweat, a little blood and even more tears. But it is also one of the great perks of working in this ever-changing industry.

Maybe it's the fact I've recently joined TechRadar and won't be covering the event all on my lonesome this year, or maybe it's the fact I have a much clearer idea of what I'm doing and what I'm covering this year, but I can't actually wait for March 1 to kick it all off.

We get to spend the best part of a week trying out the latest gadgets, seeing all the next mobile developments early and speaking to the people who've been working on them.

By the time those Fira Gran Via doors open the biggest events of Samsung and HTC will have already taken place – but that's only the beginning. The more unique, interesting takes on the world of mobile technology will be scattered about the conference hall's gigantic nine rooms.

That's where the interesting stuff is really happening, even though I'll likely be weighted down with a mass of tech and running on more caffeine than you'd find in a typical branch of Starbucks.

MWC may nearly kill every journalist trying to cover the mass of events every year – but it brings with it some of the best technology stories we get to share with you guys all year. That has to be worth it.

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James Peckham

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