iPhone SE tipped for copycat looks and iPhone 6S camera

iPhone SE tipped for copycat looks and iPhone 6S camera

We're just days away from Apple's next launch event on March 21, and leaks continue to flow on the iPhone SE with the latest suggesting it will take features from a number of previous iPhones.

Sources supposedly familiar with the plans spoke to 9to5Mac, and confirmed previous reports that the iPhone SE would take major design cues from Apple's 4-inch iPhone 5S.

That wouldn't be a huge surprise as the iPhone SE is tipped to pack a 4-inch screen too, although there is hope it'll be a little more curved rather than the full-on boxy finish of the 5S.

Clever camera

Photography fans could well be in for a treat though, as the source has also claimed the iPhone SE will use the same 12MP camera as the iPhone 6S.

That means not only improved shots, but 4K video recording too. If Apple can keep the price of the SE down to a suitable level then it's set to be an intriguing proposition, especially with talk that it will also pack the A9 chip from the 6S and 6S Plus.

Thing is, as more details leak out about the iPhone SE, the less likely to seems to be a replacement for the plastic-clad iPhone 5C. It's now looking like an iPhone 5S replacement instead, which means our hopes of a low-cost iPhone may be dashed once again.

We'll be reporting live from Apple's Cupertino-based keynote on March 21 to bring you all the latest on the new iPhone and any other surprises it may have up its sleeve.

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