iPhone nano rumours resurface with talk of 8GB model

iPhone Nano rumours resurface with talk of 8GB model
Is another Apple iPhone debacle brewing?

Apple could yet be building an iPhone nano with suppliers apparently readying an 8GB iPhone 4.

Reuters reports that two anonymous sources "with knowledge of the matter" confirmed to it that an 8GB flash drive for the iPhone 4 is being built by a Korean supplier.

The 8GB version, which would join the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 line up, would take Apple into the mid-range smartphone market with a price tag to match.

In for a penny…

One of Reuter's sources also reiterated Apple's plans for a late-September iPhone 5 launch date, as well as recycling the old iPhone 4S rumour that sees the next iteration as a minor upgrade from the iPhone 4.

It's nothing we haven't heard before and with the next Apple phone announcement likely to be imminent it gets harder and harder to know what to believe – after all, there will be a certain set of people out there who do know Apple's plans, but there is a multitude more who will chance it with a load of old cobblers to nab a chunk of Apple-loving web traffic.

When Reuters publishes a rumour, we'd like to think there's something concrete behind it; but then Reuters also "spotted" an iPad 2 at an Apple event before the second slate's launch which damaged its credibility quite severely.

However, Apple's chief operating officer, Tim Cook has hinted that Apple is loathe to "cede any market" and that he didn't want Apple products to be "just for the rich".

All in all, we won't be surprised whether Apple does or doesn't come out with an 8GB iPhone model; the chances are even stevens as far as we're concerned.


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