iPhone 6S could be pressure-sensitive... and pink

iPhone 5C

We already know Apple is rolling its new Force Touch feature across the new MacBook range within the trackpad as well as launching it on the Apple Watch's display.

Force Touch is a new technology that reads the pressure of a press on the device allowing for different functions depending on how hard you press.

Users are used to different functions from a tap and a long press, but not with the pressure of each tap – it is yet to be seen how the new function will go down in the real world.

But Apple seems more than confident with its new feature choice and a rumour has suggested it'll soon be coming to the iPhone range as well.

Use the Force

According to sources speaking with The Wall Street Journal, the new feature will be launching on the iPhone family next time we see an announcement. That'll likely be the iPhone 6S.

Force Touch could be interesting on a smartphone display allowing for different functionality within a variety of apps – much like we've seen before with smartphones and tablets that have smartpens or Bluetooth styluses.

The rumour also comes with the news of a pink version of the iPhone 6S.

According to the same sources Apple is thinking about offering a pink variant to the new iPhone, a move that comes only a few months after adapting a new trio of metallic colours for the phone.

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