The best iPhone 5S prices and deals in January 2016

iphone 5s deals and prices

The plucky iPhone 5S is still going strong. Apple is refusing to let its smallest form factor die as it knows there are still a number of fans who want something a little more dainty in their mitts. It may be over two years old, but the iPhone 5S still boasts Touch ID and it's rocking the latest software in iOS 9. If you fancy picking up the iPhone 5S then there is something quite major to consider - storage space. Apple now only officially sells the 16GB and 32GB versions, it's killed the 64GB model and 128GB never featured at this level. That aside though, the 5S is still a great little handset, and we've found the best deals currently on the market just for you.

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iPhone 5S deals

The best iPhone 5S deals:

iPhone 5S 16GB
Ground zero for the iPhone 5S. By today's standards, 16GB is pretty stingy. If you have a large music library or like to store lots of local images and videos, you're going to be juggling storage space regularly. If you just want access to Apple's lovely iOS 9 platform in a slick, compact handset, the 16GB iPhone 5S might be all the smartphone you actually need. After all, the even with just 16GB of memory, you still get Apple's gorgeous alloy unibody construction and a gorgeous if compact IPS LCD Retina Display. The iPhone 5S also sports relatively high-end features like a finger print scanner for security and has a much improved camera over previous iPhones.

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S 32GB
Now that Apple has discontinued the 64GB iPhone 5S and never offered a 128GB, this is as good as it gets if you want a compact handset from Apple that also packs a bit of a punch in the storage department. If you're a major multimedia junky, one option for maximising usable storage is to make more use of streaming services like Apple's own Music along with third party apps like Spotify. That said, if you're in for the long haul it's also worth noting that as the 5S gets ever older there will be a point at which Apple cuts off operating system support and updates and that will have an impact on functionality and support for the latest apps. Oh, and the iPhone 5S isn't available on Apple's new Annual Upgrades Program, so you'll have to front up the full purchase and you won't be able to automatically upgrade after a year.

iPhone 5S fact file:

At launch, the big news with the iPhone 5S was its 64-bit A7 processor. It was by far the most powerful CPU yet seen in any smartphone. Of course, that was 2013 and much has changed in the meantime, not least the introduction of faster chips from Apple itself. But the 5S is still no slouch when it comes to raw compute power and has no problem handling the latest iOS9 operating system.

However, if there's anything that separates the iPhone 5S from the latest smartphones, it's the the display. Rocking in at a mere four inches, it sports a modest native resolution of 1,136 by 640 pixels. That's pretty puny when you consider that even budget smartphones now pack at least 1,280 by 720 pixels.

The way the iPhone 5S feels in the hand is something impressive, though, coming with the low, low weight of 112g and dimensions of 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm. Combined with the alloy unibody and Apple's signature immaculate conception when it comes to construction and the net result is an undeniably upmarket ambiance.

The iPhone 5S also brought with a few new choices in terms of colours, namely champagne and space grey which are a little more scuff resistant than the iPhone 5's notoriously fragile cosmetics. Then there's the innovative Touch ID fingerprint scanner that makes keeping your iPhone and its content secure much easier.

Overall, in the context of the latest big-screen monsters the iPhone 5S feels like a little bit of a throwback. But if you do want something a little sleeker and compact, it might still be the best smartphone you can buy.