iPhone 5S and 5C will work on O2's 4G

iPhone 5S and 5C will work on O2's 4G
Rejoice, rejoice

There was concern that Apple's new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C may only play nice with Vodafone and EE's 4G networks when they hit the UK on September 20: but never fear, O2 will also offer the 4G iPhones.

The fruity company's Ultrafast LTE homepage mentions only the first two networks, with O2 conspicuous in its absence.

O2 launched its 4G network on the same day as Vodafone, but caused a bit of consternation when it emerged that its next-gen network didn't support the existing iPhone 5.

O2? Oh no, more like

The new iPhones were said to come with more LTE bands enabled than the 5; and it looks as though O2's is one of them. A spokesman for the network told us:

"[The iPhones are] going to work on our 4G :) more info coming soon" - smiley face and all.

The other good news is that 3's upcoming 4G network should work with the new handsets when it launches in December.