iPhone 4S name shows up in iTunes Beta

iPhone 4S name shows up in iTunes Beta
Is this a bargain 8GB iPhone?

Apple itself may have outed the iPhone 4S by using the product name in the latest beta of iTunes, casting yet more doubt that the iPhone 5 will launch this week.

A screenshot from the beta makes several specific mentions the "iPhone 4S", offering both black and white colour variations.

It seems the first iPhone 4S reference showed up in the iTunes Beta 6.1 which was released in late August - hiding in plain sight, if you will.

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Given the name and the general industry thinking, the iPhone 4S won't differ much from the iPhone 4, at least in terms of looks. But we'd expect to see an A5 processor nestle in its innards, as well as new feature-rich apps like the voice controlled Assistant.

Memory debate

There's also talk of three memory varieties launching, which may mean we see a new 64GB model joining the 16GB and 32GB line up.

That, or we'll see a cheaper 8GB model swell the ranks, and over in Brazil, there's evidence that a cheapo iPhone could be on the cards.

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Gizmodo (who else?) Brazil managed to sneak into the Brazilian Foxconn factory and nab snaps of hardware that looks almost exactly like an iPhone 4 and, interestingly, a document that includes the model number – N90A.

That same model number has shown up in the past supposedly relating to an 8GB iPhone which may be intended to help Apple break into the emerging mobile markets.

So, to sum up, an major product launch like the iPhone 5 is looking less likely, with a minor-upgrade-toting iPhone 4S and possibly a more affordable 8GB model becoming the hot tips for tomorrow's launch.


But that one more thing could always be an iPhone 5. You just never know...

From Gizmodo and 9to5Mac

There's not long to go until we find out all the facts, so join us in our last couple of days of idle daydreaming about what Apple may deign to include in the iPhone 5:

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