Ice Cream Sandwich launch event: 19 October

Ice Cream Sandwich sculpture goes up at Google HQ
Ice Cream Sandwich coming soon

As if more proof that Ice Cream Sandwich launch was imminent, Google has erected the relevant Android sculpture over at its head office in California.

The video description confirms the 19 October launch for the new OS, taking place at 10AM Hong Kong time (3AM UK time), and was posted on Google's brand new @Android Twitter account.

The video shows the jolly new Android arriving in its packaging, before being unwrapped and put up by a team of at least ten, answering the age old question of how many Google employees it takes to put up an Android sculpture.

Fever pitch

We had expected the new OS to launch earlier this week but Google, and its hardware partner Samsung, decided to postpone the launch, citing "timing" as the reason; most have speculated that this is due to Steve Jobs passing away just days earlier.

On the hardware side, we'll probably be in for a treat with the Google Nexus Prime, the Samsung-made flagship handset for Ice Cream Sandwich.

All will become clear on 19 October, but speculation around the handset suggests we can look forward to a 4.7-inch Super-AMOLED screen and some impressive dual-core 1.5GHz processing action.

Until then, get your taste buds watering with Google's Ice Cream Sandwich sculpture video below:

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