HTC One for Verizon theorized by code readers

HTC One to Verizon
One last carrier to go

Everyone seems to be impressed with the HTC One - everyone but Verizon customers, that is.

While AT&T, Sprint and even T-Mobile subscribers are enjoying the new phone, the top U.S. carrier's deprived subscribers may just have to wait a little longer.

The latest indication that there may be a Verizon version of the new Android phone comes from code found in the international edition of the HTC Droid DNA.

The smartphone, codenamed HTC DLX, includes a string that reads "DLXPLUS_WL" or DLX Plus, according to HTC fan blog HTCSoku.

This code, first spotted on the Japanese-language blog by Slash Gear, also includes two variants, DLXPLUS_U and DLXPLUS_UL.

HTC One small grain of salt

Whether or not this mysterious code relates to an HTC One for Verizon remains to be seen.

However, the Taiwanese manufacturer did mention that the One will be its only flagship phone this year.

Verizon has been oddly silent about its HTC One prospects, while AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have launched the full-metal smartphone this month.

NEC Terrain from AT&T

Also from the unofficial phone files, AT&T may start to carry its first NEC phone in the form of the NEC Terrain.

A press shot of the QWERTY keyboard-equipped smartphone was uploaded by @evleaks. The photo contains an AT&T logo, which indicates it'll make its way to the U.S.

As Engadget speculates, the rubberized frame of the NEC Terrain, along with the heavy-duty-sounding name, suggests that this Android smartphone can take a better beating than the more delicate Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5.

Matt Swider