Google Maps Navigation coming to iPhone?

Google Maps Navigation? On the iPhone? What world is this?

Google has confirmed to TechRadar that it will is looking at other platforms for the its new free sat nav service, Google Maps Navigation.

The free navigation service has finally been announced in the UK, and Steve Lee of Google told us that the company is 'evaluating other platforms'.

"We're always evaluating other platforms for Google Maps Navigation. Google Maps is the application that has the most breadth on other platforms - Windows Mobile, iPhone, J2ME phones, but Google Maps Navigation requires higher capabilities.

Nothing more to say

"We can't say any more today other than we are always evaluating other platforms."

When asked directly about whether there would be a problem with Apple using the service, Lee said: "We're close partners with Apple, but we can't comment on the ifs and whens [of any such deal].

"But it's hard to say we'd never license our services to anyone, because at the end of the day we're a search and ads company."