HTC could soon make room at the table for HTC One Max, mystery Zara device

HTC One Max
A previously leaked blueprint allegedly showing the T6

HTC isn't letting a recent string of so-so circumstances get it down, reportedly preparing a One-branded phablet and some kind of device with a plastic case called "Zara" for launch in the coming months.

Unwired View reported this week that HTC has not one, but two new devices rumored to debut by the end of the third quarter, including the company's first real stab at a phablet in the style of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

According to a report from China Times, an oversized handset codenamed "T6" could arrive in September with a 5.9-inch Full HD display, Android 4.3, 2GB RAM and the option of either 32GB or 64GB of storage.

The device is expected to carry the HTC One Max name, and is said to feature a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor powered by a beefy 3200mAh battery inside its metal frame.

Only Zara knows

Despite all that is rumored about the so-called HTC One Max, a second device also pegged for release later this year is the mysterious HTC Zara.

Making its debut on the rumor circuit, the HTC Zara is expected to arrive with a plastic shell instead of the highly touted metal being used for recent One handsets, presumably in a cost-saving move.

Unfortunately, aside from the name and plastic casing, little else is known about the Zara, including what kind of device it might actually be.

Both devices are expected to fall under HTC's new "emerging devices" shingle, a new unit headed up by the company's president of North America, Mike Woodward.

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