HTC One Max rises from T6 ashes, heads for summer release

HTC T6 to transform into HTC Max
Max power

HTC's rumoured phablet - the HTC T6 - is rapidly tearing its way into the realms of reality, and it looks like we have a more official name, blueprints and a vague release date.

The device will be given the name of HTC One Max, according to a J.P. Morgan analyst in Hong Kong who claims to have some inside info.

Makes sense, really. We knew that the T6 moniker was just a temporary codename, and putting Max on the end is about as close to "Mega" as you can getting Samsung hot under the collar.

But it's the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that the HTC One Max has its sights on, which is said to also be releasing around the same time.

HTC One Mega…wait, no, Max

It doesn't end there though. Mobileaks has posted what is allegedly the blueprint design of the maxed-up handset, revealing a few slight changes in design but nothing too drastic.

According to said analyst Alvin Kwock, carriers are apparently already very interested in the as-yet-unofficial device. Time for Samsung to start getting worried?

The previously posited specs, including that it will run on Key Lime Pie, were also repeated, though with a 2.2GHz CPU and not the previously-touted 2.3GHz.

The fabled handset is said to host a 5.9-inch HD touchscreen display at 1920 x 1080 resolution, with a Snapdragon processor powering the phone.

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