HTC creates an 'emerging devices' department

Back from the brink: HTC aims to recover from mass walkout of high-level staff
Can HTC build on the success of the One with a new team of executives?

Troubled smartphone maker, HTC, is looking to take the initiative back by introducing a new department.

The new department, called 'Emerging Devices', will reportedly focus on developing new products that can catapult it back into the lead of the smartphone war, as well as "global distribution strategies".

The man heading up the new department is the current President of HTC North America, Mike Woodward, according to the Wall Street Journal, which claims to have seen an internal email.

HTC: The New Class

There's no indication of what new products are being worked on, but other changes are happening over at HTC towers. Jason Mackenzie, current head of Global Sales, will be heading up the entire US operation, alongside his current role.

HTC is looking to rebuild its backroom operation after a number of very public high-profile walkouts earlier this year, including; Lennard Hoornik, CEO of HTC Asia, Jason Gordon, Vice President of Global Communications, Chief Product Officer Kouji Kodera, Rebecca Rowland, Global Retail Marketing Manager, John Starkweather, Director of Digital Marketing and Eric Lin, Product Strategy Manager.

The new executives will have a good platform to build from after decent sales and rave reviews of the HTC One, which TechRadar gave 5 stars.

Via The Verge