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Garmin-Asus: new Android phone next year

New Android handset confirmed - but no Nuviphone in sight
New Android handset confirmed - but no Nuviphone in sight

Garmin-Asus has announced that it will be bringing a smartphone based on the Android operating system to the market next year.

According to Jacqueline Yang, associate vice president of marketing at Asus, the firm will manage to get the device out by Q1 2010, or possibly sooner.

However, this could be a case of too little, too late as its predicted the world could have as many as 20 other mobile phones based on the system.

Fighting the tide

It's currently unclear how the Garmin Asus alliance will create a unique product against the tide of other –and more real – devices, although it's obvious that GPS will likely feature heavily.

A representative of Garmin Asus said that there were 'different ways to use the technology' between Garmin-Asus' GPS software and Google Maps, and an early hands on with the Nuviphone G60 proved that it's possible to integrate GPS functionality into nearly every corner of the phone.

However, there was still no definitive word on when the G60 would actually be hitting the high streets, and the longer the wait for the phone that wowed us many, many months ago you have to fear that it might not ever come at all.

Via PC World