Face fine? iPhone 6S will have an improved selfie snapper

iOS 9 Front-facing camera

Rejoice, selfie-generation! The iOS 9 code indicates that some pretty impressive front-facing camera upgrades are coming to Apple's next line of iPhones.

Developer Hamza Hood burrowed through the code of the first beta released iOS ever and stumbled on some interesting coding that evidently supports some substantial updates to the FaceTime camera, including 1080p video, 240fps capture at 720p, front-facing flash support (finally) and even selfie panoramas.

While virtually no one has ever bought or passed on a phone because of its front-facing camera, it's more of an upgrade of convenience. No one's shooting short films with the selfie-cam, but it'd be nice for iPhone 6S users to take a selfie at a concert and not look like 19th century ghosts for once.

Apple's also been playing the field lately when it comes to photo tech, recently acquiring Israeli camera tech firm LinX, which creates multi-aperture camera gear for mobile units, for some $20 million. It's possible we could see the integration of some of LinX's tech in any of the upcoming iOS devices.

Apple pushing some of it's powerful back-facing camera tech to the front isn't a life changing upgrade by any stretch of the imagination, but the popularity of the selfie movement can't be denied or changed, even by Apple. And you know what they say, if you can't beat 'em, make a better front-facing camera than everyone else and own the competition.

Via 9to5Mac