Orange UK announces Super SIM with memory


Orange has become the first UK mobile operator to provide customers with Super SIM - a combined memory card and SIM card rolled into one.

It has begun selling its first handsets supplied with a 128MB flash memory Super SIM (made by Sagem Orga) which can store content - like pictures, video clips and other music - directly on to the SIM like a regular memory card.

The Super SIM also comes loaded with SelfService Configure software from SNAPin, which allows customers to turn their devices into an Orange Signature handset simply by slotting in the SIM and starting up the device. This can load up Orange network settings and an Orange Homescreen, install Orange themes and wallpapers add Packet Video player functionality and install F-Secure anti-virus software.

Users can also access the memory storage of the Super SIM from a PC by connecting the handset via USB, making content transfer easier.

Orange's first Super SIM compatible phone, the HTC S310 (a Windows Mobile Smartphone) has just gone on sale with a Super SIM card. It is being sold for £130 on Pay As You Go.