Brexit has made the iPhone 7 more expensive for you

Brexit has made the iPhone 7 more expensive for you

Apple has launched the new iPhone 7, and it took great pleasure revealing that it would cost the same as the iPhone 6S did when it arrived back in September 2015. Or at least it does if you're not in the UK.

After witnessing a price hike for the OnePlus 3 in Britain following the vote to leave the European Union, UK consumers are getting hit again with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The iPhone 6S started at £539, but those looking to splash the cash on the new iPhone 7 will be asked to part with £599 upfront for the entry level, 32GB device.

That's an additional £60, while those in the US get the same phone for $649 (which works out at just under £500) – the same price as the 6S.

Low blow

At least the iPhone 6S is getting a price cut, but not by as much as you'd hope. Again, taking the US price as our comparison point, the 6S has been slashed by $100 in States. In the UK though, it's dropped by just £40.

That does put a £100 gap between the 32GB 6S and 32GB iPhone 7 - but a quick peek over the pond at our American friends and it's difficult not to feel a little hard done by.

In reality though, many people will pick up the new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus on contract, which will somewhat mask the cost of Apple's latest flagship pairing.

John McCann
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