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Apple iOS4 more profitable to devs than Android

Apple - making money for devs
Apple - making money for devs

The iPhone brings in more money making opportunities than Android but Google's operating system is best positioned for the future, according to application developers.

2,400 developers were surveyed by research firm IDC about the current crop of operating systems around and it seems that when it comes to bringing in the cash, Apple's iOS4 is the best OS to make apps for.

Over 76 per cent said that iOS is currently the best profit earner, versus just 19 per cent for Android.

Future focus

But when it comes to which OS is 'best positioned for the future' Android is on top, with 72 per cent of developers believing that Android's grasp on connected devices will go from strength to strength.

The reason Android is favoured for powering future devices is because of its open source nature.

It seems that while devs are happy to make money from Apple, its tight control may have a negative effect on its operating system.

Apple announced last week that it has relaxed the rules given out to developers for its operating system, but Android is still being seen as the more open platform.

Via TechEye